Scarecrows, Trick-or-Treat & Community

Reflecting back on my youth, oh sooooo many years ago, it was always fun to travel through town and see the business windows decorated for whatever holiday was on its way.  Today the traditional window paintings and decorations seem to have been lost for more corporate or polished store and business fronts.  While this may just be a sign of progress, I find it a little sad, a little piece of community lost.  This time of year, however, I am able to relive my youth for a few days as I delight in seeing business windows once again decorated for Halloween thanks to the Scarecrow Fest.  

Thankfully the Halloween fun doesn’t stop there in Lompoc, but continues with Old Town Trick or Treat on Saturday, October 29, 2PM-4PM in Old Town.  We are looking forward to joining several other businesses at Centennial Park with our Prize Wheel and seeing all the joy and wonder a holiday filled with candy and costumes elicits for young and old alike.  

So help us celebrate our wonderful community this Halloween by voting for your favorite scarecrows here (don’t forget us!) and/or stop by Old Town Trick or Treat this Saturday.  Happy Halloween Lompoc!