The Surf Connection.  To some it is a business, others a brand, a few a job, and to some just a name.  To us it is family, it is community, it is our life.  If you have already joined us on our journey we thank you.  If you are just joining, we welcome you.  If you are undecided, we hope you will join us. 

Our story began in April of 1991 when we agreed to purchase a struggling business that had been in town since 1986.  My husband, a surfer, saw much potential.  I, the number cruncher saw a challenge.  Together we decided to dream.  Our first year saw us welcome our second child, grow from one employee to three, and soon we out grew the storefront we started in.   Those early days we had three brands of shoes, two brands of sunglasses, and half a dozen skate decks.  It was very challenging to acquire lines as most companies had never heard of Lompoc, however, the community support was amazing.  And so we persevered.

We have now had the store for over 24 years, will be celebrating our 25th year in business in Lompoc and have made many wonderful friends.  We have watched children grow up shopping in the store with their parents who now bring their own young families in to shop and visit.  We hear stories about people connecting in far away places because of wearing a Surf Connection t-shirt, sweatshirt or hat.   We have had the opportunity to work with Lompoc Parks & Rec to make the skatepark a reality and have subsequently assisted with the skateboard competitions for the past 15 years.  We have been blessed in so many ways on this incredible journey and we wish to share some of these with you, our reader.  

Join us here, in the weeks and months ahead as we share some of the things we love about our business, our brand, our philosophy and our awesome community.  And remember, save a plastic tree.