Thankful, Greateful and Blessed

Thankful, grateful and blessed.  Three simple words that due to a sequence of events last fall were brought into sharp focus and spurred a new venture for us.  It is a simple idea; take old, beat up surfboards with little value, have them transformed into works of art and auction, raffle or sell them to raise money for children in our community.  

And so we have begun this new journey with the first of these boards on display at South Side Coffee Co.  It was painted by local artist Melody Lara and is a breath taking rendition of a surfer in a barrel with a very realistic shark underfoot.  Tickets are available for $5 each or two for $9 with only a total of #225 tickets to be sold.  The winning ticket will be drawn on March 20th.  Proceeds from the ticket sales will go Jason Contreras for medical expenses.  He is 5 years-old, a bilateral amputee, full of love and life and through a chance meeting, our inspiration for this project. 

Other boards are currently in the process of being transformed so that we may help more children in our community.  We hope you will consider assisting us realize our dreams by purchasing a ticket, sharing this story, donating an old used board or being a participating artist.  Thanks everyone!  We are thankful, grateful and blessed!