Celebrate National Small Business Week With Us!

We believe small businesses should be celebrated every week but there is an official National Small Business Week which was established in 1963.   Over 50 years ago, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation citing the importance of small businesses in job creation and building strong, viable communities.  This year the SBA National Small Business Week officially begins Sunday, April 29th but we are celebrating our local small businesses beginning Monday, April 30th through Sunday May 6th. 

Though many years have passed and many things have changed since the first National Small Business Week over 50 years ago, one thing that hasn’t changed is how important our local small businesses are.  More than 50% of Americans own or work for a small business, every 2 of 3 jobs in the private sector is created by a small business and the success of small businesses is critical to growing the US economy.  Also, on a local level, a healthy small business community contributes positively to the local economy, allowing money to circulate within the same community for an extended period of time.  Local business owners tend to use the services of other local businesses and employees spend money where they work.  This, coupled with the resulting tax dollars for infrastructure that then stay within the community, make for a stronger local economy and community.  

Please join us this year for National Small Business Week with our other local small businesses neighbors!  Visit http://www.lompoc.com/small-business-week.html to find out more and click on our logo to see how we are celebrating!